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In 1874, a Canadian, Lambton Mount who had settled in Australia, demonstrated lacrosse to some local lads one afternoon, at Fawkner Park, with hickory lacrosse sticks, and the game took off  in Australia. Within five years, four clubs had been formed in Victoria, the first club founded being Melbourne. Ultimately, Melbourne would supply two office bearers, namely K. L. Murray and H. Graham (a Test Cricketer), to the Committee of the newly formed Caulfield Lacrosse Club. The Club first met on Saturday, May 5, 1891. It is thought that Caulfield was then not based at its present location, Caulfield Park, but near the racecourse at what is now Glen Huntly Park. The Club had almost immediate playing success, winning a premiership (in A grade) in 1892, then again in 1893 and 1894. Yet, in 1897 Caulfield disbanded, apparently due to lack of numbers. However, in 1909, pleasingly the Club reformed, and has competed in the Victorian Lacrosse Association, every year since, at junior and senior levels at Caulfield Park.

Caulfield Lacrosse Club became incorporated in 1984, and in late 1990, the Club absorbed the Caulfield Women’s Lacrosse Club which had started as a separate entity some 17 years previously. Lacrosse is recognised as the fastest field game played, and Caulfield has produced some of the game’s finest exponents. Many Caulfield players, coaches and officials, over the years, have represented Victoria and Australia in both men’s and women’s competition. The Club continues to be based at the picturesque Caulfield Park and continues to launch many young sporting careers, while fostering senior ones, over the Saturday (men’s) and Sundays (women’s) of the winter months.

Anyone with additional club history or information that may be of interest should contact secetary@caulfieldlacrosse.com.au. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.